Wrench-wielding Kaitlyn Driver needs to convince her dad, owner of Driver’s Door Trucking, that the daughter he has is just as good as the son he lost. What better way to do it than by winning the Atlantic Coast Big Rig Pulling Series? Then her step mom gets sick, and Kaitlyn must forgo her pulling truck to run the company and figure out how to take care of her step-brothers.

IT specialist Nate Gordon is ready to settle down and is looking for a traditional, sweet-tempered woman like his sister, Eve. But first, Nate promised his brother-in-law, Tank, that he would take care of his trucks in Transmission, PA, while Tank goes on vacation.

Due to an accident, Nate is forced to share a garage with the tough, yet tender, Kaitlyn. Rumor has it that Kaitlyn is the reason Tank’s marriage is on the rocks. However, as they work on the big diesel motors together, Nate can’t believe the rumors are true. Soon he’s knee-deep in boys and baby bottles, trucks and turbos, and he finds himself fascinated with the blue-eyed beauty who can handle a Peterbilt the way most girls run their curling irons.

Kaitlyn is intrigued by Nate, and when her dad’s drivers start quitting, Nate could be the only one who can save their company. Can she learn to depend on someone besides herself?

Turbocharged is a sweet contemporary romance that is being published by Pelican Book Group. Release date: TBA

Better Together

He wants her to notice him. She has to pretend she doesn’t.

Footloose, fancy free, and more than a little of a daredevil, Wyatt Fernandez should be starting his job as a ski instructor in the Andes. But an emergency means he has to spend the summer on his step-family’s central Pennsylvania Christmas tree farm. With his step-cousin Harper. Although she’s never shown any interest in him, nor in leaving the farm, he has a short six weeks—his last chance before he leaves for good. Can he get his best friend to fall in love with him?

Homebody and bookworm, Harper Bright, gives up her summer research position at the University that could have guaranteed her tenure so she can help on the family tree farm. With Wyatt. He might push her out of her comfort zone, but he’s always “gotten” her, and she doesn’t want to screw that up just because she’s finally noticed what everyone else has known for years: Wyatt’s hot. In order to keep their friendship intact, she’s going to have to pretend she hasn’t suddenly developed a school-girl crush on her best friend.

When Wyatt names Harper as his fiancé to appease his real dad who’s pressuring him to return to Chile early, he never dreams Harper might actually have to play the part. Can he convince her to just jump?

Better Together is a sweet contemporary novel that is being published by City Owl Press. Release Date:  June 2018

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