Harvest Moon Homecoming

Small town people are serious about their parades.

            Rural school district principal, Mr. Calvin Finkenbinder, is stunned when the chemistry teacher informs him that he accidentally blew up the school float for the National Farmer’s Day parade. Now Fink has just five days in which to build a float good enough to impress the school board and get him the Superintendent position.

            Local farmer and artist, Ellie Bright, has helped run her family’s pumpkin patch and Christmas Tree farm since the death of her husband. Too bad she’s never learned to use her creativity to organize her life. After her teenage daughter receives another tardy from the straight-laced principal, Ellie takes the blame and trades her daughter’s after-school detention for a job building a parade float. Ellie’s chaotic and disorganized world collides into Fink’s methodically structured life. In a tangle of arguments and decorations, they find out too late that underneath their long established animosity for one another is an unexpected passion that threatens to ruin more than just a school float.

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